EmPOWER™ your sexual healing and begin to intimately thrive

EmPOWER™ is an eight week deep dive into conscious healing and expansive individual expression of sexuality. Its about growing through limiting beliefs, traumas and looking at our shadows to create opportunites for better sex and healthy partnerships. No matter where you come from or how much shame, judgement, fear and other blockages around intimacy you have, it is for you. With an expert coach and yogi, you will be guided into deep integration with breathwork, guided somatic meditation and hypnosis, as well as knowledge, tools and practices such as the Erotic Blueprint types, conscious communication techniques, and the chakra system. Over eight sessions of one on one coaching, we will safely cultivate sexual energy, learn to call in better realtionships, get in touch with the magical and taboo parts of our subconscious, thrive with intentional creation, learn new pleasure practices, create your vision for your life and more. We will empower you with presence in your heart, body, mind and the moment to fully accept yourself, your kinks, and the partners you have or will be attracting. At its core, it has our individual and collective healing in mind and is an investment in your sexual well being, happiness, healing and ultimately your best life.

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    Ryan Tascar, RYT

    Sacred Intimate, Yogi, Sex Magician

    Who am I?

    Ryan is a Tantric Yogi, Shaman, and Healer who had devoted the past eight years of his life to spiritual development and sexual healing. On his path, he has invested thousands of dollars and countless hours of study and practice into his own sexual healing, training, coaching and Self discovery. EmPOWER™ is the fruit of this labor of love and was founded on the vision of a fully healed world with vibrant, consensual, and thriving sexual expression. A world with total freedom from shame, guilt and any form of suppression of who we are. It was created in 2018 after Ryan unfolded clarity around his own purpose on this earth. The practices shared in our programs are inspired by Ryan's passion and direct experience and training during 8 years of intensive yoga practice across many spiritual lineages, self transformation practices, and his own coaching and mentorship from experts in sexuality and yoga. Ryan is currently acquiring certification in the Erotic Blueprint Lineage Coaching training, and loves to connect and spread joy and healing through this path.

    This program is for you if:

    • You grew up in a conservative religious environment.
    • You struggle with sexual worthiness, shame or have a sense of being "too much" or "not enough.
    • If you wonder if there are partners out there for you that are willing to understand and accept you fully
    • If you crave better sex, and mind blowing physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spritual intimacy with yourself and others
    • If you want to connect more deeply to life, your self and create relationships that are sacred and fullfilling